Thursday, June 2, 2011

HOA woes...

I'm now going to take this opportunity to bitch and moan about my HOA. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. HOA's in general are NO BUENO. While I do understand the need for a standard of keeping the yard nice in a community year round, what I do NOT understand, is that we have a semi-gated community and a "community" area that is not maintained!
What I mean by semi-gated is that our community is two communities meshed together. 70% of our for lack of a better word "circle", consists of homeowners, and the remaining 30% consists of condo owners/renters who are not included under the umbrella of our HOA. There is however another gate on the "condo" end of the 'circle' that is permanently open. Therefore the allure of our exclusive gated community instantly loses it's polish once the realization that any joe shmoe with half a brain figures out the alternative entrance.
The permanent open gate aside, the gate on our "the housing" side of the community is CONSISTENTLY broken!!!
One more thing, why, why, am I paying $420 a year, for a community area that is NOT maintained, and by maintained I mean the trees being trimmed instead of hanging ominously over the western side of my house, restricting the flourishing of my garden.
Granted I could climb up to my roof, and risk slipping on the roofing tiles and breaking something, or heaven for bid falling off and doing more damage and trim the branches myself. Instead I took the proactive route and fired off an email to "the powers that be" aka the HOA requesting a schedule of when it will be trimmed.
Here was my response: "We will have to see when they can trim the tree. Will keep you posted."
How vague, impersonal, and deeply dissatisfying!!
In conclusion, I would like to thank my HOA for revoking any sense of trust that my quarterly "donation" to your cause has given me. In addition, you suck.

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