Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One ripe mater.. and some disturbing black bugs.

Well the rapture has come and gone, and my struggling garden is still plugging along with one enormous change, I HAVE A RIPE TOMATO!!

It's beautiful isn't it?? Well I think it is. Proof in the reverbial flesh that my garden has produced. Now if I could just convince my HOA to trim the mesquite tree that hangs so delightfully over the western part of my house, perhaps my other fledging plants would explode with fertility. We'll see..

On a different note, my petunia's have developed an infestation on tiny black seedlike things.. are they bugs? I have no idea, but they are slightly sticky, and I'm wondering if they are the reason for the leaf discoloration..
Here is a before and after picture with just a week in between..

Any input is greatly appreciated..
My aero garden however has done very well. It seems hydroponics is the way to go if you want quickly growing, plants.. After my herb experiment has run it's course, I think I'll try some veggies.

I have also had to reign in my tendency to "overwater" once more.. I think once I let things "dry" out they will once again resume progress. It is soo dang hard to resist the urge.
I recently visited a friend of mine who lives about 4 miles away, and has planted the entire northern part of their yard with an abundance of corn, squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and the list goes on and on. It was a moment of subduing my more primitive instinct to stomp on the ground like a child lamenting the size comparison of our respective gardens. Not to mention how said garden is already producing like a bunny in heat.. grr..
Once subduing my baser insticts I reacted with enthusiam, tinged with just a touch of jealousy. It was simply beautiful. I do wish I had as much space to plant away, but alas.. until that lucky powerball ticket makes it's way into my hot little hands, I'm limited to my own 4x10 space that was lovingly filled with dirt and painsakingly planted. ha!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You'd think being on the pisces/aries cusp would stablilize my watering..

oh the watering woes..
Jay Harper from Harper's Nursery was on the show yesterday, and I took advantage of the opportunity to batter him with questions about my seedlings, and my battle with the urge to overwater.
His advice was as uncomplicated and wise as the man himself, stick your finger in the dirt, if it's damp/wet, let it dry out before attempting to drown it. In addition, if your seedlings look thirsty first thing in the morning, then water, but don't give in to the urge to water in the afternoon if your seedlings are looking droopy.
I also asked him about my poor petunias, which are still blooming, but the leaves are slowly being leached of color, and turning yellow, am I overwatering??? His answer.. (dramatic music) YES!
I knew it!!!!
So after a bit of research which is not scientific at all, in fact it basically consists of a little web surfing, this is what I found:
" An active challenge to the unknown can produce some of the most profound results as well as come crazy undeveloped hints of what could be. In order to bridge these conflicting energies, you must calm your impulse to action. “Let’s get this show on the road, whether it is ready or not.” You must take time, without apology to yourself or others, to calm your impulse and live with excitement without “jumping the gun” from restlessness to be where you can’t quite see clearly yet."

How right on is that?? So I will continue to forge ahead. When I embarked on my morning visit to my garden, I resisted the urge to water after my water meter clearly said the soil was WET! Urge suppression for the day.. success. We'll see how my will holds up after an afternoon peak.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So far so good..

I've been getting up every morning, and hand watering my little seedlings and I must say I feel a bit like a mother hen. Here I am pecking and clucking away tending to my "chicks" and making sure they all have enough water. ok.. well not pecking exactly, but definitely hovering.
I am sad to report that I have had a few more deaths. My bell pepper is a goner, as well as my oregano, and my thyme seedlings. Why you ask?? I honestly have no idea, at best guess, you win some and lose some.
Basil seems to be holding on strong!
As far as my tomatoes go, I have two producing fruit, and the others have blooms that have shriveled up with no new maters. ;( Any advice here would be fully welcome. I have heard that if the soil is too rich, they won't produce fruit, they will just keep blooming, but with no results.

I am happy to say that at least my eggplant, squash, mint, chives, and pepper plant are happily reaching for the sky. I am crossing my fingers to make sure my parsley continues to live, but it's touch and go.

On a brighter note, I recently received an aerogarden from my younger brother, and all is well on that front. I don't have to do anything except make sure it has water, and the occasional nutrient.

 Barring any crazy bug war i should soon have a wonderful crop of fresh herbs. Speaking of wonderful crop, this is "the year" for my pomegranite tree! Check out these beauties!

And to close things out, I've taken pictures of my grapes, which I will enjoy if I can win the war on birds, my sky flower, and my petunias. I do love petunia's they continue to bob their pretty little heads hello each morning! Till next time!