Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One ripe mater.. and some disturbing black bugs.

Well the rapture has come and gone, and my struggling garden is still plugging along with one enormous change, I HAVE A RIPE TOMATO!!

It's beautiful isn't it?? Well I think it is. Proof in the reverbial flesh that my garden has produced. Now if I could just convince my HOA to trim the mesquite tree that hangs so delightfully over the western part of my house, perhaps my other fledging plants would explode with fertility. We'll see..

On a different note, my petunia's have developed an infestation on tiny black seedlike things.. are they bugs? I have no idea, but they are slightly sticky, and I'm wondering if they are the reason for the leaf discoloration..
Here is a before and after picture with just a week in between..

Any input is greatly appreciated..
My aero garden however has done very well. It seems hydroponics is the way to go if you want quickly growing, plants.. After my herb experiment has run it's course, I think I'll try some veggies.

I have also had to reign in my tendency to "overwater" once more.. I think once I let things "dry" out they will once again resume progress. It is soo dang hard to resist the urge.
I recently visited a friend of mine who lives about 4 miles away, and has planted the entire northern part of their yard with an abundance of corn, squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and the list goes on and on. It was a moment of subduing my more primitive instinct to stomp on the ground like a child lamenting the size comparison of our respective gardens. Not to mention how said garden is already producing like a bunny in heat.. grr..
Once subduing my baser insticts I reacted with enthusiam, tinged with just a touch of jealousy. It was simply beautiful. I do wish I had as much space to plant away, but alas.. until that lucky powerball ticket makes it's way into my hot little hands, I'm limited to my own 4x10 space that was lovingly filled with dirt and painsakingly planted. ha!


  1. It's not the size of your garden that maters, it's how wisely you use your space and how you treat your soil!

    On hydroponics: Hydro basil is great. It's surprisingly good. Hydro-tomatoes? Not so much. Visually they are very appealing but they lack the flavor of their ground grown brethren. Like wine, it's all about the terrior. Hydro-tomatoes only bonus is they can be grown more or less year round in a greenhouse.

    Enjoying your blog,

  2. Your tomato is beautiful. I am sad to report all of our tomato plants are now deceased :( We can't figure it out either. I have friends at work that are harvesting loads of tomatoes. Thankfully they share. I need to hit some permaculture classes and events.

    On the bright side, we did get some cucumbers and some blackberries!