Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2015!

First and foremost Happy New Year! It's been about a year since I've posted so I figured New Year new post.
So much has developed in the last year.. I achieved my horse show goals including a world championship title, the garden is thriving despite several frosts, several medical issues were resolved opening up an entire world of possibilities, and getting fit in 2014 was achieved. What a year it's been. 
With 2014 under my belt my husband and I decided to move our fitness to another level so we've decided to try going paleo for January. Now I know the moment I mention the word Paleo it opens me up to a whole world of criticism so before anyone jumps to conclusions we are going to give it a good effort. Does that mean we might slip now and again.. probably.. but as newbies we're going to do the best we can.
That being said I tried my first paleo Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookie recipe this morning courtesy of the Paleo Mama and it was fantastic!! They were a bit runny as a batter so I put them in mini muffin tins. Great result!
I also cooked a fried egg and put it over half of an avocado to round things out and it was delicious. I must say that eating paleo is much more work intensive than I anticipated, but I'm hoping if I make enough to grab and go I should be fine.
I also took an extra step in accountability to my fabulous trainer at the gym by telling him I needed to up my endurance training.. oy ve!  He admitted I might hate him a little bit, but I know that and sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
RESOLUTIONS: Do you have any?? Different from the norm I mean..
Mine is to plan my year strategically so my money management is wiser than last year.  This means picking and choosing which shows I go to and trying to spread out my Christmas shopping so it's not all centered in Oct. Nov. lol. Good luck to me!  Oh yeah one last one.. I'm going to blog more regularly.
Well that's all for now. Till next time..

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