Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's been a rough week..

Wow it's been a rough week.
Must be the full moon.
Does it ever bother you when someone says that? The catch all phrase that is used to blame a series of bad luck, a rough week at work, home or just for lack of something more clever to say. There must be something to it if it ends up being the go to reason everyone gives for life taking a crazy swing off course. That has certainly been what's going on in my life at the moment.
I'm looking forward to my days smoothing out and not wondering where the next hit will come from.
I told my trainer at the gym about our Paleo effort for January and he immediately went into a tizzy describing how the next few weeks will be an emotional roller coaster and I should look into some meditation (which I don't really have time for to be honest) and oh by the way I need to start taking Maca powder and trace minerals..
Ok, slow down there buddy. So the meditation will probably NEVER happen.. I've tried it.. really tried it. But no matter how hard I try and concentrate, I can't quiet the voice in my head. Apparently it has had A LOT of time marinating all those random thoughts that permeate the mind throughout the day. When I try to count, or visualize all the thoughts disappearing into a black hole, I fall asleep. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.
I did however trot my new Paleo ass to Sprouts next door and waffle in the vitamin aisle until I got up the courage to ask someone for what I was looking for. Unlike the elistist version of the reaction I received in my head from the two gentlemen working in the area they were refreshingly detached and super helpful.
Upon returning home I informed my husband here's what we're doing.. He thankfully has been on board since starting our Paleo journey.
Tonight we feasted on Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Mayo and Quick Roasted Brussel Sprouts. YUM! Second great recipe we've found so far. We also made Turkey Burgers for our lunches the next few days.
Since I miraculously got tomorrow off I'm off to tempt fate by staying up way too late and relishing a few extra minutes with my husband before we start the grind back up again.

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