Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So far so good..

I've been getting up every morning, and hand watering my little seedlings and I must say I feel a bit like a mother hen. Here I am pecking and clucking away tending to my "chicks" and making sure they all have enough water. ok.. well not pecking exactly, but definitely hovering.
I am sad to report that I have had a few more deaths. My bell pepper is a goner, as well as my oregano, and my thyme seedlings. Why you ask?? I honestly have no idea, at best guess, you win some and lose some.
Basil seems to be holding on strong!
As far as my tomatoes go, I have two producing fruit, and the others have blooms that have shriveled up with no new maters. ;( Any advice here would be fully welcome. I have heard that if the soil is too rich, they won't produce fruit, they will just keep blooming, but with no results.

I am happy to say that at least my eggplant, squash, mint, chives, and pepper plant are happily reaching for the sky. I am crossing my fingers to make sure my parsley continues to live, but it's touch and go.

On a brighter note, I recently received an aerogarden from my younger brother, and all is well on that front. I don't have to do anything except make sure it has water, and the occasional nutrient.

 Barring any crazy bug war i should soon have a wonderful crop of fresh herbs. Speaking of wonderful crop, this is "the year" for my pomegranite tree! Check out these beauties!

And to close things out, I've taken pictures of my grapes, which I will enjoy if I can win the war on birds, my sky flower, and my petunias. I do love petunia's they continue to bob their pretty little heads hello each morning! Till next time!


  1. Reasons tomatoes lose blooms: Tomatoes are fickle narcissists. They want it to be 70-80 degrees, they want sun for 8 hours a day, and they don't want to be over watered. #1 reason for blossom drop is weather. Too hot or too cold and they suffer.

    You might have fertilized too much but that's a less likely scenario. They will drop blossoms if you're using too high nitrogen fertilizer or hot compost (as in not well rotted) and if you aren't using a fertilizer with enough phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen grows leaves. Phosphorus and potassium grow flowers and fruit. Get a nicely balanced fertilizer and you should be fine. Never, never, never use Miracle Grow. It's like feeding your plants burger king every day. (In my not so humble opinion.)

    I'm not sure how long your tomato season is but if it's early in he season, I wouldn't worry. Cut back on the water a bit and keep your plant cool.

    Happy growing,