Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You'd think being on the pisces/aries cusp would stablilize my watering..

oh the watering woes..
Jay Harper from Harper's Nursery was on the show yesterday, and I took advantage of the opportunity to batter him with questions about my seedlings, and my battle with the urge to overwater.
His advice was as uncomplicated and wise as the man himself, stick your finger in the dirt, if it's damp/wet, let it dry out before attempting to drown it. In addition, if your seedlings look thirsty first thing in the morning, then water, but don't give in to the urge to water in the afternoon if your seedlings are looking droopy.
I also asked him about my poor petunias, which are still blooming, but the leaves are slowly being leached of color, and turning yellow, am I overwatering??? His answer.. (dramatic music) YES!
I knew it!!!!
So after a bit of research which is not scientific at all, in fact it basically consists of a little web surfing, this is what I found:
" An active challenge to the unknown can produce some of the most profound results as well as come crazy undeveloped hints of what could be. In order to bridge these conflicting energies, you must calm your impulse to action. “Let’s get this show on the road, whether it is ready or not.” You must take time, without apology to yourself or others, to calm your impulse and live with excitement without “jumping the gun” from restlessness to be where you can’t quite see clearly yet."

How right on is that?? So I will continue to forge ahead. When I embarked on my morning visit to my garden, I resisted the urge to water after my water meter clearly said the soil was WET! Urge suppression for the day.. success. We'll see how my will holds up after an afternoon peak.


  1. Harper's Nursery is awesome! See, Jay knows his stuff. Have you been to their greenhouse? It's huge! I took my sons to see it and they went crazy! Anyway...keep going girl! I love reading your success and journey.

  2. OMG this post made me laugh out loud. I'm totally forwarding this to Fred. Maybe that is the problem with our poor tomatoes.

  3. @chef tess I haven't been yet, but I need to go for sure!! I do know that writing this blog is cathartic, it definitely helps to purge all my gardening uncertainty here. lol
    lol.. urge suppression, who knew the key to being a master gardener could be so easy?? lol

  4. I love that you are blogging! Funny post! I am guilty of over watering too. Its int he genes. ;-)